Documenting the ZPSP

7 Dec 2015

At the request of the European Union and the Swiss Government, both key donors for ZPSP, the International Security Sector Advisory Team (ISSAT) undertook a mission to document lessons learnt from the implementation of the ZPSP. The mission was held from 21-30 June 2015.  Documenting the work of the ZPSP represented an opportunity for ISSAT to conduct empirically based research on a home-grown, nationally owned and inclusive SSR programming in Africa.

The central goals of the ISSAT mission were to identify lessons and map good practice from:

1) The emergence and survival of the ZPSP in a contested political environment where security sector reform had been rejected for being considered a synonym of regime change

2) The process of building legitimacy and national ownership of the programme in adverse political conditions and within limited financial options.


  • A dedicated webpage under the ISSAT website, featuring a narrative report outlining the lessons identified, a set of good practice vignettes, and the corresponding illustrative videos. The webpage is available from

  • A twenty-seven minute video compilation of interviews with ZPSP trustees, staff and partners is available at