Workshop on "Gender Mainstreaming in the Security Sector -Monitoring and Evaluation", 29-30 October 2014

17 Mar 2015

From the 29th to the 30th of October 2014, the ZPSP supported NUST to conduct a third workshop on “Gender mainstreaming in the security sector”. 41 Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officials attended this workshop. The workshop focused on monitoring and evaluation of gender mainstreaming workshops that had been conducted by NUST in collaboration with the ZPSP.  In addition to evaluation of previous workshops, the workshop included presentations on monitoring and evaluation, human trafficking and Community Policing.

The specific objectives of the workshop sector were:

1)   To make an assessment of the impact of the gender mainstreaming training project

2)   To map training needs for the future

3)   To build capacity to conduct gender sensitive M&E within the security sector

4)   To increase police officers’ understanding of gender dimensions in human trafficking

5)  To increase police officers’ understanding of gender dimensions in community policing


The content of the workshop comprised the following components:

·   Definition and exploration of terms and concepts related to Monitoring and Evaluation

·    A presentation on gender and human trafficking

·    A presentation of the existing community policing frameworks in Zimbabwe.

·   An assessment of the effectiveness and impact of the “Gender mainstreaming in the security sector” trainings.