Civil Society Capacity Building

Project Overview

Engagement with civil society is meant to build knowledge and capacity within civil society and to enable civil society organisations to develop a coherent nationally owned and sustainable consensus-based strategy on the role of civil society in promoting security sector transformation in Zimbabwe.  From introductory one-day trainings, the ZPSP has up-scaled the trainings to more substantive and practical topics with the aim of facilitating the drafting of a strategy for civil society engagement in SST in Zimbabwe. Some of the workshops for civil society are to be implemented under the auspices of a project entitled “ Building and Managing Consensus on SST in Zimbabwe”, which is implemented with the support of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (click here for more detail on this project).


Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

o Swiss Federal Department of foreign Affairs gave financial support and provided experts for the workshop on building consensus in SST

Centre for Security Studies

o   The Center for Security Studies (CSS) at ETH Zurich gives technical support in the implementation of the workshop on building consensus in SST.


o   SADSEM provided experts to make presentations during the workshops


o   An expert from the ASSN made a presentation during the workshop on building consensus in SST


o   ISSAT/D-CAF contributed facilitators to some of the workshops and also hosted a delegation sponsored by ZPSP on an exchange visit in 2014



o   Since 2010, ZPSP has conducted a total of 8 training workshops for civil society organisations focusing on the role of civil society in SST and on gender and SST in Zimbabwe.

o   In 2012 a partner’s consultative workshop was held where civil society representatives were given the opportunity to make input towards the ZPSP programme document.

o   With the support of mediation experts provided by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, a workshop entitled “Building National Consensus on security Sector Transformation: The Role of Civil Society was held from 19-21 June 2014.

o   Civil society representatives were supported by ZPSP to attend trainings at regional and international institutions namely ISSAT-DCAF, KAIPTC and APCOF.

o   Civil society representatives are involved in the two on-going research projects on Border Management and Community security.



o   Increased understanding of the concepts and best practices in security sector transformation by participants to the workshop.

o   Increased space for dialogue and discussions about SST among civil society.

o   Development of a Civil Society SST Action Plan, that is expected to guide civil society engagement in SST processes in Zimbabwe.

o   Creation of space for dialogue between civil society actors, state security actors, traditional leaders, academics and regional and international actors.

o   Civil society organisations have developed increased interest in ZPSP’s work, with some expressing interest in partnering with ZPSP on some project activities.