Research Projects

 Research is regarded as an integral element of ZPSP's work in strengthening national security policy and practice, and includes the following activities:

   Conducting and supporting sectorial research and analysis on Security Sector Transformation (SST)

   Developing an overview of policy frameworks guiding initiatives related to SST in Zimbabwe

   Conducting and supporting research workshops and meetings to exchange and gather recommendations on SST processes

   Publishing information and research findings

The research component of the Programme involves a series of sectorial research projects that have been commissioned by the ZPSP and implemented in collaboration with the Programme's Boundary Partners. Experts and practitioners with knowledge and understanding of the areas being researched on have been supporting ZPSP work. 

These research projects aim to conduct baseline assessments in the sectors being researched on, assessing strengths, weaknesses, prevailing trends, challenges and opportunities as well as issues of concern to national stakeholders. 

 Ongoing research projects are as follows:

 Border Management Research 

Community Security Research

Exploring Peace and Security Issues in Africa: Prospects and Challenges