What We Do

The Programme

The Zimbabwe Peace and Security Programme (ZPSP) is designed and implemented on behalf of the Zimbabwe Peace and Security Trust (ZPST). The Programme aims to contribute, through the provision of impartial and professional technical assistance, to effective and sustainable modernisation and transformation of the security sector in Zimbabwe in order to enhance the democratic governance, security and the national sovereignty of the people of Zimbabwe. The programme seeks to achieve the above objectives through three project areas, namely Communication, Consultation and Dialogue; Capacity Building, Training and Advisory Support; Research and Policy Development


The programme aims to increase understanding of, and political willingness for, a security sector modernisation and transformation process in Zimbabwe based on a national consensus. The programme maintains a regular and sustained process of communication, consultation and dialogue with a wide range of state and non-state actors.

Capacity Building

The programme offers Zimbabweans access to a range of security sector training and supports national institutions which are engaged in training in this area. Advisory support is also offered on an impartial basis in collaboration with national, regional and international partners.


The programme undertakes research in collaboration with partners and supported by experts, and aiming to provide professional assessments of opportunities and challenges which can contribute to informing the development of effective national policies to modernise and transform the security sector in Zimbabwe.

Background and principles of ZPSP

As part of a knowledge-focused mandate, the International Security Sector Advisory Team (ISSAT) collated a series of resources documenting the work of ZPSP. The following video, compiled by ISSAT, provides the background of the programme and highlights some of its key principles.


Download a summary about ZPSP